According to Urban Dictionary "A New York Minute" is "An instant. Johnny Carson once said it's 'The interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn.'" 

There's a flip side to that coin. 

"A Mexican Minute". 

How long is A Mexican Minute? Well, it's....flexible. Life moves at a slower pace here. Living is seen as more important than making a living.

Got a plumbing problem? Call a plumber. He'll be here "pronto". Now, pronto could be in the next 1 to 4 hours. Or, should something come up, like his brother-in-law having car trouble (family always comes first), "pronto" could be "mañana". 

Oh, and there's a caveat on mañana. That could be tomorrow. Or it could be a week from tomorrow. Or never. Mexicans do not like to disappoint or say no. So it's "mañana", "next week", "maybe", or "soon". But never, "no".   

So, in the time it took to read this, there have been hundreds of New York Minutes. But, The Mexican Minute is still unfolding. 

Relax. It'll be over pronto. 

Or mañana.